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LOCATION: Located in Lewis and Clark County, 1st Congressional District. The nearest urban area is Helena, population 34,500 and the State Capitol located 3 miles east of Ft Harrison. Commercial air and bus terminals are located in Helena. The nearest rail head is located on Fort Harrison.

PROPERTY CONTROL: Federally licensed to the State.

DESCRIPTION: Ft Harrison consists of approximately 8500 acres of which 7000 acres is available for training. The terrain is generally flat, surrounded by hills with mountainous terrain within 2 miles of the cantonment area. One battalion size combat arms or combat service support unit, conducting non-live fire training, can be accommodated at one time. Elevations vary from 3860 to 4360 feet.


    Training Site Support Facility (TSSF): This facility is self contained to support a combat arms battalion. Some of the features include: four open bay billets for 160 troops, 176 individual rooms (shared latrines), 1 modern dining facility, laundry facilities, supply and orderly rooms.
  • BOQ/BEQ: A new and modern BOQ/BEQ will house 48 officers and senior NCO’s in single and deluxe rooms
  • Dining Facilities: Consist of three (3) modern facilities supporting a total of 1,050 persons per meal.
  • Troop Billets: Nine open bay cinder block billets with indoor showers and latrines which supports a total of 480 troops, a female billet which supports 22 personnel.
  • Medical Facilities: None
  • Ammunition Storage and Issue Point
  • Advanced Technology Training Center/Training Support Center : Miles and Simulations.
  • Fire Station: Currently the home of the 1049th Firefighting Platoon.
  • Fitness Center: The "Fit To Win" Center, this facility (Bld #69) is equipped with free weights and modern fitness equipment and showers.
  • Softball Field



Other tenant users and organizations on Fort Harrison include:

  •  United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) (406) 324-3402
  •  Facilities Management Office (FMO) (406) 324-3100
  •  208th Regional Training Institute (RTI) (406) 324-3570
  •  Combined Surface Maintenance Shop (CSMS) (406) 324-3290
  •  Post Engineers (406) 324-3114
  •  Service Club (all ranks) (406) 442-2712 (day)   (406) 449-8807 (message)
  •  Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES) (406) 324-3285
  •  Postal Exchange (406) 443-0837
  •  Thrift Shop (406) 324-3375
  •  Chapel (406) 324-3375
  •  Montana Military Museum (406) 324-3550
  •  Naval Reserve Center (406) 449-5725

AIRPORT FACILITIES: Aviation facilities on Ft Harrison consist of two (2) unimproved airstrips, which are used as rotor wing heliports. These 1940 era dirt strips are 1664 and 2700 feet long, respectively. The Helena Regional Airport is located approximately 5 miles east of Ft Harrison and has a C-5A landing capability.

ARMY AVIATION FACILITIES: The Montana Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) is the maintenance and training center for all MTARNG aviation. It is located at the Helena Regional Airport at 2850 Airport Drive.The AASF on the northeast side of the airfield is a modern facility, with significant hangar space, ramp area and storage. This new AASF is able to hangar every aircraft in the MT ARNG fleet, which currently consists of seven UH-60 Blackhawks, 23 UH-1H/V Iroquois, and one C-12R. Approximately 15 acres of concrete ramp can handle a large contingent of transient aircraft.  The new AASF is collocated with the 1-189th Aviation Armory.

UTILITIES: The water system has a capacity of 60,000 gallons per day and will support 1,200 persons. The sewage treatment plant is a lagoon type, with a capacity of 42,000 gallons per day.

RESTRICTIONS: See Range Data Sheets for specific range and training area restrictions. Inhabited areas are within 1 mile of Fort Harrison (residences, roadways and the Veterans Administration Hospital). Operation of ranges has limited effect on maneuver areas.



GC Road and Trail Safety Rules 29Jul11    Range and Training Area Access 29Jul11