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Limestone Hills


LOCATION: Located west of Townsend, on Montana U.S. Highway 12, approximately 41 miles southeast of Fort Harrison.

PROPERTY CONTROL: Land in this area is under control of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, State of Montana, and private ownership. It is currently being used through coordinated long term ownership agreements and permits.

DESCRIPTION: This site is 5 miles by 7.5 miles and contains approximately 21,000 acres. The land consists of limestone composition, and grassy sage brush covered mountains with a few trees in the lower areas. It will accommodate the firing of Tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, CEV, mortars, artillery (subcaliber), machine-guns, aerial gunnery, and small arms, as well as small unit tactical problems. The maneuver areas will accommodate two company-sized units.

August 2011 Limestone Hills,
Training Area Land Withdrawl,
Final Legislative Environmental Impact Statement.