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MT 15-021 Human Resources Officer (Military) GS-0201-12 D1619000 Air Great Falls, MT I, II & IV 02/24/15 03/02/15 Indef w/ PPS
MT 15-020 Navigator (Instructor) GS-2183-12 D0272000 Air Great Falls, MT I, II & IV 02/19/15 03/05/15 Perm
MT 15-339 Supervisory Equipment Specialist GS-1670-11 D1253000 Army Helena, MT I, II & IV 02/18/15 03/04/15 Perm
MT 15-338 IT SPECIALIST (CUSTSPT) GS-2210-09/11 D0268000 Army Helena, MT Area I, II and IV 02/13/15 02/27/15 Indef w/ PPS
MT 15-337 IT SPECIALIST (INET) GS-2210-11 D1589000 Army Helena, MT Area I 02/13/15 02/27/15 Perm
MT 15-336 Supply Technician GS-2005-07 D0849000 Army Helena, MT Aread I, II and IV 02/13/15 02/27/15 Indef w/o PPS
MT 15-335 SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC SUPERVISOR WS-5801-10 D1290000 Army Culbertson, MT AREA I and II 02/13/15 02/27/15 Perm
MT 15-334
Materials Handler (2 positions) WG-6907-06 D0903000 Army CIF (Fort Harrison, MT) I, II & IV 02/12/15 02/26/15 Indef w/ PPS
MT15-324 Occupational Health Nurse GS-0610-12 D1234 Army J1-Med, Fort Harrison, MT I/II/IV 12/03/14 12/02/15 Permanent