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MT14-380 Management Assistant GS-0344-07 D1584P01 Army J6, Heleena, MT I,II,IV 08/21/14 09/05/14 Permanent
MT14-040 Human Resources Assistant GS-0203-07 D1047 Air HRO, Great Falls, MT I 08/21/14 09/04/14 Permanent
MT14-379 Family Program Assistant GS-0303-07 D1744 Army Fort Harrison, MT I,II,IV 08/21/14 09/04/14 TI W/O PPS
MT14-039 Information Sec Spec GS-0080-12 D2138 Air 120 AW, Great Falls, MT I,II,IV 08/21/14 09/04/14 TI W/PPS
MT14-038 Production Controller (Aircraft) GS-1152-09 D0749 Air 120 FW, Great Falls, MT I 08/14/14 08/28/14 TI With PPS